01 April 1947
King George II of Greece died at the age of 56

01 April 1947
King Paul of Greece became king

01 April 1959
EOKA a nationalist guerrilla organisation fighting to end British rule in Cyprus, launched a series of simultaneous attacks on British interests on the island

03 April 1881
An earthquake hit the island of Chios, with a magnitude of 7.3

04 April 2008
The Ledra Street checkpoint crossing in Nicosia, Cyprus was taken down

05 April 2007
The Greek cruise ship “Sea Diamond” ran aground and sank off the island of Santorini forcing the evacuation of nearly 1,600 people on board

06 April 1973
Prodromos Shakallis, the creater of YiaHara! was born

08 April 1820
The marble statute of Aphrodite of Milos better known as the Venus de Milo was discovered on the Greek island of Milos

15 April 2015
Cyprus was hit by an earthquake measuring 5.6 on the Richter scale

17 April 2003
Greek shipping billionaire John Latsis died

17 April 2012
Greek singer Dimitris Mitropanos died at the age of 64

22 April 1928
An earthquake occurred in Corinth, with a magnitude of 6.0

23 April 1933
An earthquake occurred on the island of Kos, with a magnitude of 6.6

24 April 2004
Cyprus held a referendum on the ‘Annan Plan’ the UN’s proposal for reunification of the island based on the creation of a federation of two separate states

25 April 2016
Romanian low cost airline BlueAir began operations in Cyprus with flights between Larnaca International Airport and London Luton Airport in the UK

27 April 1894
An earthquake occurred in Atalanti in central Greece, with a magnitude of 6.7


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