01 December 1913
Greece formally took possession of the island of Crete

03 December 1944
Civil war broke out in Greece between communist guerillas and the Democratic National Army

03 December 1992
The Greek tanker ‘Aegean Sea’ ran aground at La Coruna in Spain, spilling 21.5 million gallons of crude oil into the sea

08 December 1969
Olympic Airways flight 954 from Chania to Athens crashed in Keratea, killing all 90 people on board

12 December 2008
President of Cyprus, Tassos Papadopoulos died

13 December 1959
The first presidential election was held in Cyprus

14 December 1901
King Paul of Greece was born

14 December 1913
Greece formally annexed the island of Crete

17 December 1900
Greek film and stage actress Katina Paxinou was born

19 December 1920
King Constantine I was restored as the king of Greece after the freak death of his son King Alexander I

20 December 1957
Greek-Cypriot Singer Anna Vissi was born

24 December 1845
King George I of Greece was born

24 December 1947
Bishop Makarios was elected Archbishop of Cyprus as Makarios II

25 December 2016
World famous singer/songwriter George Michael died in the early hours of Christmas morning at his home in South Oxfordshire, England, at the age of 53

31 December 1951
The last train of the Cyprus Government Railway (CGR) made its final journey from Nicosia to Famagusta, bringing the CGR to an end


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