01 June 1815
Otto Friedrich Ludwig, the first king of Modern Greece, was born

1 June 2016
The Cypriot airline ‘Cobalt’ began operations in Cyprus, taking its maiden flight from its base at Larnaca International Airport to Athens

02 June 1940
King Constantine II of Greece was born

03 June 1996
Stelios Panayi, an unarmed 19 year old Greek Cypriot national guard was shot dead by a Turkish sholder after entering the UN buffer zone in Cyprus

04 June 1878
The Cyprus Convention was agreed between the United Kingdom and the Ottoman Empire which granted administrative control of Cyprus to the Britain in exchange for guarantees by Britain that it would use the island as a base to protect the Ottoman Empire against possible Russian aggression

04 June 2010
Pope Benedict XVI visited Cyprus becoming the first pope to visit Cyprus and to ever visit an Orthodox Christian country

08 June 2008
An earthquake occurred in Peloponnese in Greece, with a magnitude of 6.5

10 June 323 BC
Greek King Alexander the Great died at the age of 32

12 June 2017
An earthquake struck the island of Lesbos, with a magnitude of 6.3

13 June 2017
Greek Cypriot freedom fighter of the 1950s, Stelios Savvidis “Kanaris” of EOKA, died at the age of 94

15 June 1946
The singer Demi Roussos was born

15 June 1995
An earthquake occurred in Aigio, in western Greece, with a magnitude of 6.5

18 June 1992
A Greek Mirage F-1 fighter jet engaged in a dogfight with two Turkish F-16 jets crashed into the Aegean Sea near Agios Efstratios, killing its pilot

20 June 1947
Bishop Leontios was elected Archbishop of Cyprus

20 June 1978
An earthquake occurred in Thessaloniki with a magnitude of 6.2

24 June 1285
Henry II was crowned King of Cyprus at the age of 15

25 June 1963
World famous singer/songwriter George Michael was born in East Finchley in London

28 June 1444
Queen Charlotte of Cyprus was born

28 June 1950
Archbishop Makarios II died at the age of 80

29 June 1432
King Janus of Cyprus died at the age of 57


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