07 October 1458
Queen Charlotte became the Queen of Cyprus at the age of 14

09 October 1328
King Peter I of Cyprus was born

09 October 1831
The first governor of Greece, Ioannis Antonios Kapodistrias, was assassinated on his way to church in Nafplion

12 October 1967
Cyprus Airways Flight 284 from Athens to Nicosia crashed into the Mediterranean Sea after a suspected bomb on board exploded. All 66 people on board were killed

13 October 1382
King Peter II of Cyprus died at the age of 25 passing the throne to his uncle James I at the age of 48

13 October 1934
The singer Nana Mouskouri was born

17 October 2007
The Greek cargo ship “Diamond 1” carrying coal sank in the northern port of Thessaloniki after it collided with a Panamanian cargo ship

18 October 1920
The actress Melina Mercouri was born

20 October 1968
Former US first lady Jacqueline Kennedy married Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis on the island of Scorpios

21 October 1972
Olympic Airways flight 506 from Corfu to Athens crashed into the Aegean Sea killing 37 of the 53 people on board

25 October 1920
King Alexander of Greece died following a bite from a pet monkey

25 October 1945
Greece became a member of the United Nations

30 October 701
Pope John VI, a Greek from Ephesus, became Pope


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