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There are two ways in which you can advertise your business, services or product on YiaHara!

List in the Greek Directory

You can have a listing of your business or service in the Greek Directory, with full contact details and links to your website and social media pages.  Go to the Greek Directory page for more details.

Place a Banner Link

In addition to a listing in the Greek Directory or as an alternative to this, you can have a banner of your chosen design in a fixed location on any page within our website, with a link to a website or page of your choice.
You can have a banner on any page on YiaHara! and there are over 165 to choose from. Unlike the logos of those advertising in the Greek Directory, which appear on all pages on a random and rotational basis, your banner will be static and will always be visible in your chosen location and page. You can have a banner in addition to a listing in the Greek Directory or just on its own. Your banner can have a link to your listing in the Greek Directory (if you so wish) to direct people to your Directory listing first or your banner can have a direct link to a website or web page of your choice, to direct people straight there.
You have a choice of two locations on any page on the YiaHara! site

Side Banner


You can have a Side Banner, which will be located to the right of the content on the page that has been chosen. Side Banners will appear at the top of the side panel, above the artwork of those listed in the Greek Directory.

Footer Banner


Alternatively, you can have a Footer Banner, which will be located at the bottom of the content that is shown on the page that has been chosen.


We have a variety of pricing options available to suit your needs and budget. A single listing in the Greek Directory, by registered members of YiaHara! is currently the cheapest way to advertise with us. A Footer Banner on the Home Page of YiaHara! is currently the most expensive single item cost. However, a Banner on a number of separate pages on our site could exceed this cost.
With regards to Banners, due to their more prominent position on pages, Side Banners will cost more to have than Footer Banners. Also Banners which appear on any of the main pages of the website (those listed in the above menus) will cost more than similar Banners on any of the secondary pages (those accessed from the main pages).
There are three advertising periods to choose from, 1 year, 2 years and 5 years. On a pro-rata basis, the longer you advertise with us, the cheaper it will be for you. The annual fee is discounted by 10% for a 2-year listing and discounted by 20% for a 5-year listing.
Members of YiaHara! can advertise on YiaHara! at a discounted price, which means even more savings.

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