Bambos is the youngest member of the YiaHara! team. He is a little travelling bear on a big mission to travel the world, visiting different places and making new friends.
So far, Bambos has travelled a total of 119,829 air miles. He has been to many places already but there is so much more Bambos wants to see.

Alps – Austria

Alps – France

Ayia Napa – Cyprus


Barcelona – Spain

Berlin – Germany

Brighton – UK

Champéry – Switzerland

Cheverny – France

Clarke Quay – Singapore

Corfu – Greece

Cornwall – UK

Disneyland – Paris

Gdansk – Poland

Kyrenia – Cyprus

Larnaca – Cyprus

Limassol – Cyprus

Miami – USA

Milan – Italy

Mississauga – Canada

Monaco – France

Mumbai – India

New York – USA

Nice – France

Nicosia – Cyprus

Orlando – USA

Oviedo – Spain

Paphos – Cyprus

Paris – France

Port Fairy – Australia

San Sebastián – Spain

Timboon – Australia

Tower Hill – Australia

Venice – Italy

Would you like Bambos to join you?
If you would like Bambos to accompany you then send us your travel plans and if Bambos is free (and would like to go) we will be happy to place him in your care. There will of course be some conditions which must be understood and agreed before Bambos can be released to you.
These conditions are set out below. If having read these terms, you fully understand the huge responsibility that comes with the safety and well-being of our youngest member whilst abroad, then please do get in touch with your travel plans. We would love to hear from you.

Bambos Ts & Cs

  1. You will meet the cost of Bambos’ travels around with you.
  2. You will not sell or traffic Bambos to anyone, or hold or conspire to hold Bambos as a hostage or to ransom.
  3. You will not lend or share Bambos to anyone, or otherwise part with him, without our prior knowledge and written consent.
  4. You will not expose Bambos to any situation which is or appears to be threatening or hateful or which incites violence, bullying or anti-social behaviour of any kind.
  5. You will not expose Bambos to any content that is pornographic, contains nudity or graphic/gratuitous violence or is inappropriate or for a young audience.
  6. You will not involve Bambos in any activity which is unlawful, libellous, malicious, harmful, obscene, discriminatory, misleading or otherwise objectionable.
  7. You will promptly deliver Bambos back into our care upon your return to the UK, without charge.
  8. You consent to your name being published on the website as Bambos’ companion if we require this.
  9. You consent to the date of the taking of the photograph being published on the website if we require this.
  10. You consent to details of the location and place of interest shown within the photograph being published on the website if we require this.
  11. Should Bambos be injured whilst in your care you will pay the full cost of any treatment he is found to need when he is returned into our care.
  12. Should Bambos’ clothes be soiled or damaged whilst in your care you will pay the full cost of cleaning, repairing or replacing these.
  13. Should Bambos be misplaced whilst in your care you will pay the full cost of a search for him, if feasible, otherwise pay the full cost of adoption of his replacement.

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