Entertainment / Recreation

Entertainment / Recreation

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Efestio Bouzoukia
Town / City: London
Country: United kingdom
Address: 236 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, London N13 5UD
Telephone: 020 8886 6162
Mobile/Cell: 07790779585

Efestio Bouzoukia is a night club / bouzoukia in north london

Kings Fun Casino
Town / City: London
Country: England
Address: 11 Chelmsford Close, London W6 8HU
Telephone: 020 7998 9172
Mobile/Cell: 07956 401 823

Kings Fun Casino provides professional fun casino hire and offers the finest casino equipment, range of games and experienced staff to host your corporate or special event

Leicester Fireworks
Town / City: Leicester
Country: England
Address: 286 Narbourough Road, Leicester, LE3 2AQ
Telephone: (+44) (0)7967 229923

Leicester Fireworks are the biggest fireworks retailer in Leicester with the best selection. We supply clubs and charity functions and events, as well as for parties of all sizes

Michael Gee
Town / City: London
Country: England
Telephone: 0800 7101 321
Mobile/Cell: 07970 525 083

Michael Gee is an award winning magician, mind reader and sleight of hand artist available for all occasions

The Elites
Town / City: London
Country: England

The Elites is a Greek Dance Troupe consisting of 12 members of 6 boys and 6 girls. We cater for all your functions to help make your event special and memorable. As a dance troupe we will tailor our dances and routines to suit your booking whether that be traditional and authentic, refreshing with new innovative ideas or traditional with a new modern twist. Our dancers are very lively and energetic with a great passion for what we do

VeSto the Magician
Town / City: Lamia
Country: Greece
Telephone: 6945681539

VeSto the Magician is a Greek magician, performer and entertainer, with particular specialism in closeup magic. VeSto is available for all types of parties, special occasions and corporate events as well as entertainment in bars, restaurants and cafes

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